IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Soul imprint

by Jackson Wong

Projet Description

The story of home and occupant. After experiencing the grind of life, when we return home, it may be the smallest moment that touches us. How to perceive the occupants' beautiful imagination of life determines the state of the space. The designer hopes to use free space language to make the life of this family of three no longer set limits, and express the attitude to life with personality and taste.
Freedom, relaxation, tranquility, and shuttle, these words are the spatial language that I want to express in this case. This 150-square-meter house has a basic layout of 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms and 3 bathrooms. For the daily life of a family of three, each space is relatively small, and the scale of the space where people live is squeezed. Therefore, only 2 bathrooms are reserved in the layout, and one of the 4 rooms is connected to the living balcony. The living room, study room and leisure balcony are independent and interrelated. This makes the entire space more spacious and transparent, while meeting the needs of residents.
The whole living room uses gray as the keynote, harmonious and unified. From the moment of entering the space, the line of sight is unobstructed, and the large floor-to-ceiling windows are open and bright. The TV background storage cabinet satisfies the coordination of function and beauty. Without too much modeling and decoration, everything starts from simplicity. The houndstooth armchair combines timeless classics with fashion. The furniture display considers its necessity, and strives to make the space more neat, return the space to people, and feel the broad scale and the stretch of the body.
The living room, the study room, and the leisure balcony are the three spaces without boundaries, and people extend from physical stretching to spiritual freedom. -
The combination of an open kitchen and a dining room enhances spatial interaction and communication.

Jackson Wong
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