IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Song of life – Hangzhou Poly

by Shanghai Lestyle Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

As a focus of the sales office, is a collection of market, cafe, book bar, camping as one of the multi-functional young community.
We simulate the composite form of sales places to pave the way for the community and form an independent commercial space, so that even if the owners do not go out, they can also experience the yearning for commercial space.
The feeling of the whole sales office is rich and diversified. Through the sand table to the water bar to the negotiation line, we create a progressive relationship, so that the whole atmosphere becomes more strong.
Through the layout of various forms, the space is divided to create the embodiment of different scenes, and the different modes of each block are formed through the expression of the theme, creating multiple activity space and multiple functions presentation.
And "Song of life of IP hippo through the new form expression in space, at the entrance of the small hippo in welcome, the children sitting bubbles of the small hippo just continue to smallpox to form a complete device rich children space, including commercial surrounding products, also the IP implanted in, can drive the industrial chain.
The booth of the extended window has the form of inside and outside sitting through the window, forming the street cafe mode, which is created with the camping scene of the landscape, and the scene of inside and outside is rich.
The VIP floor glass just allows customers to see the exterior scene, so the conventional and relatively grand VIP is created in a relaxed and independent atmosphere. The whole is more like the existence of the living room, so that people can come in freely and can relax more.

Shanghai Lestyle Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1999, LeStyle is a one-stop interior design agency engaged in interior design and decoration design. It commits itself to providing professional design services for hotels, clubhouses, office buildings, sales centers, show flats and high-end residential projects to global high-profile real estate and commercial enterprises.
Upon 24 years’ development, Lestyle now possesses a professional design team with 130 staff. With “creative design and careful planning” as its philosophy, its designers are encouraged to provide unconstrained design ideas and to carry them out strictly. On basis of excellent design management, the company pays much concern to clients’ demands so as to provide professional design services beyond clients’ expectation. LeStyle has successively established strategic partnership with Vanke, Gemdale, Wharf Holdings, and China Overseas Property etc., and has won high recognitions from the clients.

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