IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Simple Times • Spiritual Seclusion

by Emptiness aesthetics

Project Description

This case soft clothing designer Tina
This case is a hardcover completely revitalized project, between the house structure, can not be mobilized more factors, but fortunately with the functional needs of the owner is still match. Therefore, in terms of sorting out the space, the designer pays more attention to the local interactive demands, hoping to present a simple and interesting space atmosphere with space opening and closing.
The project layer is as high as 3.1m, which is helpless compared with the ultimate compression height of the original hardcover top surface. The design adopts an open approach, instead of covering the beam structure of the original top layer, it constructs an architect-like structural block through lighting and simple geometric figures. Combined with the material coating of the wall top, it greatly stretches the height of the space and forms a breathable, open, simple and delicate atmosphere.

Emptiness aesthetics

To create a brand, we always ask a lot of questions: how to plan without effort, how to grow and have content? How sincere do not forget the original intention, how to focus on excellence, how to serve customers, how to be grateful for all around? It's all because we're so serious about being a brand.
Adhering to the humanistic concept of "sincerity, simplicity, and sincerity", the values and culture of "gratitude, focus, awe and reach far" and the service tenet of "having requirements on details and living up to customers", Qin Family was born in 2014 and has been around for 9 years.
To Qin home is a professional engaged in home, building materials, furnishings integrated company. For you to create high-quality home living space. A high-quality home platform that integrates local life, fashion, art, and delivers first-line design and furniture concepts.
The ultimate professional spirit and point to point quality service concept, based on the market. No matter from customer reputation or market share, we have a place in the industry, and become one of the highly respected home brands in Taizhou.

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