IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Song dynasty style Hotel — Urban reproduction of Song Style and elegant charm

by Jade Environmental Art Design Co., LTD(Xu Ji)

Projet Description

Song dynasty style Hotel is a diversified upscale hotel brand under the Musang House brand. With the mission of "reviving traditional culture, inheriting Oriental aesthetics", this project adopts the simple and elegant aesthetic thinking of Song Dynasty, integrates Chinese traditional elements with local culture, creates the unique "Song Charm" national style hotel in line with the Chinese aesthetic, deduces a trendy Oriental lifestyle brand, regenerates the ancient charm flowing fragrance, and explores the new trend of contemporary hotels.

Jade Environmental Art Design Co., LTD(Xu Ji)

Master of Technology, Milan, Italy
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Nanjing Normal University
Design Director of Jiedian Environmental Art Design
Vice President of Soft Decoration and Furnishing Branch of China Building Decoration Association
Lecturer, Art Creative Institute, Changzhou Institute of Technology, Jiangsu Province
Jiangsu Province interior designer evaluation
20 years experience in interior design
Dedicated to hotel commercial space design
Dedicated to the space design of luxury villas
A design philosophy that seeks balance,
Balancing expectations, environmental and human needs, cost and effectiveness in design,
To achieve the optimal solution of the design.

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