IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Slash Theater

by LiZhongkai

Project Description

Slash Theater is located in the commercial street of Yili Ancient City, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China. It is a multi-cultural art complex integrating art education, entertainment and art hand making.
The original space of the slash theater is an independent Chinese antique courtyard, with two floors on the ground, a courtyard inside, one floor underground, and two entrances in front and after. Before the design, after we fully communicated with the owner and clarified the main use functions of the slash theater, the existing space was replanned and adjusted.
Based on the particularity of the slash theater and the analysis of the main and secondary moving lines in the ancient city of Yizhou, from the two building entrances, one side is the main entrance and the other is the entrance at the back of the stage. The first floor is reception place, theater and rear field area and office; the second floor is four training classrooms, aerial theater, rest and waiting area and staff office; the first floor is immersive experience area and talk show theater. Total area is 2000 ㎡.
On the side of the main entrance, the projection surface of the entrance is small, and there are two businesses left and right, which increases the difficulty to the identification of the entrance image of the slash theater. Through the shape design of the cylinder running through the entrance and the second floor, the logo sensory effect of the main entrance is highlighted. At the same time, the white metal exterior wall is used to block the original antique building and cross with the cylinder, which is not only the expression of modern design language, but also the embodiment of the meaning of "slash" in the slash theater.
Each area of the original internal space of the building is relatively small. In order to meet the needs of —— "theater" in the central area, the middle courtyard is closed into the theater space through the covered processing technique, and the closed platform into the central garden on the second floor, and at the same time, the space function of the aerial theater is created. After such design treatment, the owner's initial advance value is increased, from an originally planned "theater" to an indoor and an outdoor two theater space.
In terms of space color application, avocado green is the main color, running through the teaching building, the air theater and the second floor space. The use of avocado green makes the space experience more youthful and more dynamic.
The overall space design is intended to highlight the fashion gathering place of the young fashion crowd. Through the integration of space and the treatment of modern design techniques, the visual and experiential impact with the original blocks and antique buildings is compared to achieve the interest of the audience.


Senior interior designer, Senior interior architect; Member of International Association of Designers; Member of WORLD DESIGN CONSORTIUM; CEIDA, Senior Designer of China Europe International Design Association; Member of Architectural Society of China; Member of China Building Decoration Association; Committee of experts of China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair. Recent Awards: 2023 AMA International Architectural Design Award, Spain: 《Cultural and creative park of 1946 》; 2022 A'Design Award,award-winning works:《Yimeng Girl Art Center》; 2022 Art-D 2022,award-winning works:《Yimeng Girl Art Center》; 2022 Chinese architectural decorative design art exhibition First prize in the Dining Space Scheme category,award-winning works:《Dining room of South Countyard Changzhuang》; 2022 Chinese architectural decorative design art exhibition First prize in Cultural architecture, ancient building renovation scheme category,award-winning works:《Colorful Lily Exposition Park》; 2022 Chinese architectural decorative design art exhibition Second prize in Decoration art, club space scheme,award-winning works:《Club of Rongxin 》

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