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International Design Pioneer Award

Beiyang Artificial Intelligence Town – Embrace the temperature of the home, a new benchmark for quality rental

by Shanghai one mast architectural design consulting Co., LTD

Project Description

CCB Jianrong Home • Beijing Starlight Vision Project is an affordable rental housing project converted from collective land office property in Starlight Film and Television Park, Daxing District, Beijing. Adhering to the design concept of "protecting the happiness of urban strugglers with love", we integrate multi-functional shared Spaces such as accommodation, office, audio and video, fitness, shared kitchen, supermarket, visiting exhibition and meeting area. Through rich scene design, we have carefully created a dynamic, warm and caring home, which fully meets the yearning of new citizens and young people for a better living life. Adopt green and low-carbon buildings, and use passive house energy-saving technology to comprehensively transform the thermal insulation system and indoor environment treatment system. In winter, there is no need for coal heating; In summer, there is no need for air conditioning to achieve a comfortable environment of constant temperature, constant humidity, constant static and constant oxygen. This makes the project a model of green and low-carbon buildings, creating a high-quality living benchmark for the park, promoting the gathering of high-tech talents, and forming a unique humanistic living atmosphere.
"Design is a distillation of nature, an element that appears in a purely geometric way." In the central area of the entrance, the high hanging futuristic ring luminous device - "Hello" carefully woven from ten languages, like an interstellar route around the distribution, showing a mysterious and fascinating optical wonder. Each language is a heritage, a continuation of culture, interwoven in the installation, forming a bond that leads to human emotional resonance. This "hello" is not only a simple greeting, it carries the soul mission of the entire space, but also a spiritual journey across cultural boundaries, connecting people from different countries and different cultures together to feel the endless possibilities and the light of hope.
The stars are bright and twinkling, the light and shadow are soft, and the white perforated board adds a mysterious and romantic atmosphere to the whole space. The blue wall is like a clear lake, quiet and tranquil, creating a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere. The texture and texture of the wood finish add a touch of natural beauty to the lobby, as if it were in the depths of the forest. The green plants seem to put people in the quiet green field, feeling the breath of nature.
Across the hall, the back area is not only a pleasant gathering place, but also a vibrant and creative social hub. Here, you can immerse yourself in conversation, rest and creation, and share happiness and ideas. The mobile modular design opens up endless possibilities for future community events. Through flexible stitching and adjustment, it can adapt to various scenarios and activities, from holding community meetings to holding art exhibitions to organizing creative workshops. This flexibility of design not only enhances the diversity and innovation of community activities, but also provides a platform for people to realize their dreams and grow together.
"Half of architecture depends on the mind, the other half is derived from existence and spirit." As a business meeting floor, the 12th floor is no longer just a simple collision of colors. The warmth of walnut wood and the softness of warm leather reflect each other, creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, presenting a harmonious sense of unity, giving the whole space a calm and warm atmosphere.
Attention to details and keen perception of materials show the deep taste and noble quality of the space, and create a comfortable and elegant working environment in the space. It highlights the professional atmosphere and brand image of the business place, and also subtly harmonizes the business atmosphere of the space, making every detail exude unique charm, making people feel comfortable and honorable. The semi-transparent glass tile partition in the central area allows natural light in the area to penetrate freely, spreading sunlight throughout the space and creating a light and open interface.
"When technology achieves its true mission, it elevates to art."
The unified design concept runs through the elevator hall, the passageway, and the arrival of single and four-person dormitories, where the warm wood cafe collides with the beauty of harmony and tranquility in a refreshing blue color.
The new design of rental furniture system, combining humanity and aesthetics, not only meets the actual needs of residents, but also pays attention to the aesthetic sense of design. The unity and differentiation of this design concept reveals a new interpretation of space aesthetics and human needs.
The new logo system is designed for the project, with dark black as the main color, plain white as the auxiliary color, gold embellishment to add a clear and concise visual effect, the systematic drawing of ICONS highlights the uniqueness of the project, and further strengthens the brand style and its core values.
Floating life steal half the day leisure, the afternoon sunshine warm heart.
Every detail is a continuation of a story.
Each arrangement is an expression of emotion.
HAD a mast design for the occupants.
Warm, comfortable, good time with family.

Shanghai one mast architectural design consulting Co., LTD

Shanghai Yihao Architectural Design Consulting Co., LTD. (HAD). By 2017, it was officially registered as an architectural and decoration and soft decoration design unit. Undertake all kinds of architectural design and transformation, interior hardcover design, and soft cover design custom procurement fabric field integration work. Our company has a senior team, there are professional personnel, mainly divided into construction department, interior design department, soft decoration design department. Since 2017, the annual output value has increased significantly every year.
For a long time, the company has been adhering to the rigorous, professional and mindful work attitude, and innovative, practical and economic design principles. Committed to being an advocate for urban renewal and lifestyle. For the renovation design of stock assets, focus on rental housing and urban renewal projects, not only to create space for use, but also to explore innovative solutions for urban renewal and development and the reuse of stock assets in the city. Tailored to meet the occupants' premium experience, comfort and diversity of lifestyle. In recent years, with the more extensive business, there are also many good works in the hard installation design and soft installation landing of the model room sales office of commercial housing.
The cooperative developers include Xuhui, Alibaba, Bright Real Estate, Pymillay Group, CCB CCB, West Group, Xin Qiaogao, China Resources Land and so on. And Capital, Poly, Caohejing Development Co., LTD., China International Trade Real Estate, Construction Bank and other state-owned enterprises have close projects.

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