IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Simplify complexity – sitting opposite time

by KeLei Wu

Project Description

Swiss architect Zumto said in "Architectural Atmosphere" that "architecture, like music, is an art of time". In fact, design is not a natural art. Designers try to find elements that align with nature from the structure of space, creating a pure atmosphere of life through design. This design is centered around nature and pure soul, creating a free and pure land that allows residents to absorb tranquility and live in warmth and tranquility.
This case not only carries residential needs, but also highlights the residents' definition of minimalism and aesthetic taste. The designer introduced a curved porch cabinet into the dining room space, integrating the originally fragmented structure of the dining room and living room space, and pulling the axis of the space to extend left and right, breaking the visual space and boundaries. The minimalist trend of using simplicity to control complexity has become the most important belief in contemporary times.
The overall light white color tone, the translucent and warm wood bring out the temperature in the space, and the texture and texture seen during the transformation of light and shadow, finely creating the cultivation of the space, conveying a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.
Respect the spatial pattern and the living itself. The designer retained the design of the white invisible door and integrated it into the TV background as a whole. The design of visual extension rushing towards us, interweaving with the white marble platform, has become the most advanced form of beauty.
The pure white color, aesthetically pleasing furniture, and clear and powerful spatial lines showcase a highly imaginative visual effect, making the home feel like an art exhibition hall full of vitality. Combining minimalist design with light and shadow rendering, this elegant painting has become the most eye-catching focus in the home.

KeLei Wu

Wu Kelei is a senior interior designer from China and a member of the China Europe Senior Designer Association. Founder and Design Director of Shanhe Yuejing Space. He graduated from Yangzhou University with a major in Engineering Environmental Art. I have been dedicated to the interior design industry for 10 years and have received unanimous praise from the industry for my professional abilities and rigorous attitude. At the same time, it has also achieved excellent results in multiple design competitions both domestically and internationally.

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