IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Chih Chin 26 Repertoire


Project Description

This is an architectural design project for a four-story underground and fifteen-story above-ground property in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, a well-developed residential area. Since the property developer has targeted the young and first-time buyer demography as their potential customers, the project is supposed to bring residents a comfortable and convenient life in the future with a new and diversified approach to the common area. From the exterior of the building to the interior of the reception lobby, leisure game room, multimedia room, multi-functional meeting room, gymnasium, and children's playroom, the design team has introduced contemporary aesthetic elements into the space. Besides, the designers have also set low-key luxury, tranquility, and humanistic sustainability as the critical point for the design, creating a building and spatial appearance that is contemporary, modern, and gorgeous.
Looking at the building from its dynamic surface, one will realize that for the exterior, the designer uses wave curves combined with off-white tones to create a modern aesthetic that echoes the maritime imagery of the local port. The curved landscape balcony design perfectly embodies the style of self-explanation and "contemporary aesthetics, which is not only a symbol of the importance the construction team attaches to the implementation of residential regulations by the local government but also a symbol of the progressive development of a city and the idea of keeping up with the times.
As soon as entering the reception hall, one will feel the light and luxurious texture of the new-era style. In addition, marble is planned to pave the space, and the pine-like stone is for decoration, creating a visual emphasis and a simple yet luxurious spatial expression. On the other side, the multi-functional meeting room is suitable for meeting and reading, media devices, and a bar area to provide residents with a more diversified and quality living experience. In addition to the popular game machines and equipment, a children's play area was also planned to provide a place for parents and children to spend time together. Additionally, the construction team has planned a large gymnasium on the mezzanine floor, which provides a variety of fitness equipment and massage equipment, offering residents a place to work out and relax.
The construction team has delicately created a design that belongs to the local "Kaohsiung House,” which is different from the general collection of houses. The Kaohsiung House has a large area with a vertical green landscape that combines good living quality, unique exterior design, and environmental friendliness to realize each resident's imagination for a better life.
In line with the local government's "Kaohsiung House" policy, the property developer has applied for the Kaohsiung House balcony design to create a building featuring regional characteristics. At the same time, the concept of green building and its logo is well realized and demonstrated. In addition, the construction team has implemented building setback measures to achieve the goal of an earth-friendly environment even though the building coverage and plot ratio have reached almost saturation. In summary, the construction team expects to indirectly influence the construction industry by cooperating with the green building regulations, thus promoting the progress of urban housing and creating a better future of sustainable development.


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