IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Simple as poetry, as elegant as the moon

by Mu Dong

Project Description

This case is located in the high-tech zone south of Quancheng Jinan Vientiane City, and is located in a flat-level mansion in a rare place in the CBD. The inspiration of the overall space comes from the light silence, using micro-cement, stone, wood and other natural materials, taking care of the life experience as the original intention, linking the life scene interactively to create a comfortable, simple and artistic living space. The pure texture and tolerance of the simple white space is the first sense of ceremony after entering the house.
The living room, kitchen and leisure section are integrated and open, and the curved surface is made of micro-cement with micro-cement everywhere, which gives a good mood. Taking advantage of the location characteristics of the porch, the outer wall of the bathroom is presented with glass bricks as an art, leading a bunch of orange light into the room, echoing the warmth of a wall lamp in the porch. Hazy light and shadow flow in the corner, creating a flexible and amazing moment. The three-sided windows of the living room share the open atmosphere, allowing the vast green fish of the outdoor mountains to jump in and activate a variety of lifestyles contained in the area itself.
Wood-decorated cabinets, marble coffee tables, metal and other materials participate in the transition and transformation, echoing the flow and vitality of outdoor mountains and clouds, paving a more diversified feeling.

Mu Dong

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