IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Ink Mark Walker

by Feng Jun

Project Description

Location: Tianjin, China;
Chief Designer: Feng Jun;
Assistant Designer: Chen Jiasheng, Chen Jingchun;
Area: 400 square meters;
Cost: 3 million;
Design Cycle: June 2022- August 2022;
Completion time: March 2024;
Main Materials: marble, glass bricks, wood veneer, stainless steel;
Client Name: Liang Bowen;
Photographer::sILSAIL STUDIO;
The entire design aims to evoke a sense of calmness within people, to convey and stimulate a sense of poetry. The inspiration for the design comes from an interpretation of contemporary society where each person has their own path of self-cultivation, with the deepest retreats hidden in plain sight, a practice for modern youth. How to provide the best residence for those on their spiritual path, to inspire their creativity and potential, is the consideration for the entire space.
Throughout the space, the use of suspended and inclined design techniques in cabinets, walls, and ceilings serve as highlights to break the convention and express the idea of breaking spatial norms.As for the choice of materials, marble, mirrored surfaces, and stainless steel were selected and combined to best retain the original texture of the materials.
During the design process, to achieve the overall final effect, we communicated directly with the workers to reach the desired result. Facing the workers' misunderstanding, we used the expression of drawings and patient explanations to help them better understand the entire design. The biggest challenge encountered was a 2.5-meter long floating desk that was only supported by a 60-centimeter steel leg frame. With the support of the client, we custom-ordered a very thick-walled steel from the factory to enhance stability. Due to the increased wall thickness, the overall steel structure of the tabletop would be very heavy, so without a crane, it required more than 20 people to carry it into the second floor, and then weld it on-site. Only through the joint efforts of everyone, the super floating desk was perfectly presented.
In the entire space, we adopted a black, white, and gray color scheme, and through the desaturation of the space, we hope that residents can achieve inner peace.

Feng Jun

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