IDPA Japan Design Award

ShuYun Book rhyme


Projet Description

In the hustle and bustle of the city, watching the endless traffic, there are turbulent crowds coming and going. Some people love it for ten miles in the long street, with its bright lights, and some people love it, which is quiet and quiet on the top of the moon. Over and over again, maybe for a moment, I hope this fast-paced city can slow down, slower, slower. Slow enough to count the fallen leaves that turn yellow, slow enough to see the texture of the years, slow enough to savor life without any worries. Therefore, it is particularly important to relax your body and mind and give yourself a space full of tranquility and stability at home.
Expand the window area of the original guest dining room, create a wider space atmosphere, and expand the bright and airy daily vision. The open space of the guest restaurant is very suitable for the daily life of three generations living in the same room. It is very convenient whether it is self-occupation or meeting and gathering. The large desktop space can be used for office, reading, crafting, or dining, satisfying the transformation of a variety of situations. It not only allows family members to have more communication, and makes space more usable, but also more humane. The large area of wood veneer on the top surface complements the white space in the space. The appropriate ratio makes the visual sense more comfortable, and makes the whole environment gentle and restrained, creating a soft and clean space atmosphere, making life more comfortable.
Every home is unique and should not be limited or standardized. Following the inner voice, imprinting the outline of the monkhood and the most primitive expectations, creating an independent and independent place of intent for one party is what I like at first.


桃弥空间设计是一家专注于室内空间设计的专业设计机构,服务包括私宅设计、精装改造、商业空间、精湛施工。 团队人均资历10年以上,创立至今,曾获得过营造家奖、筑巢奖、PChouse全国时尚设计 100强等奖项;作品多次荣登中央电视台CCTV2《交换空间》空间榜样栏目。作品多次刊登于《ELLEDECO家居廊》《时尚家居》《瑞丽家居》等杂志刊物。 我们致力用空间帮助屋主表达生活的态度,实现心中理想家。

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