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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award



Projet Description

Haiyi Wangshu Building 33 is located in a single building near the lake next to Haiyi Changzhou, Xiqing District, Tianjin
Covering an area of 800 square meters, it combines minimalism and French luxury with continuous innovation of space functions and forms, and uses intelligent technology to connect life and the future, writing a new Peugeot villa belonging to a villa around the city. The calm light gray stone floor is matched with the concise wall, the ceiling light has an inadvertent sense of extension, the shade adjusts the tone of the space, and the gentleman's feelings are overflowing. In the center of movement and space, the Belgian artist Midnight Blue Cherry ceramic sculpture becomes the finishing touch. The relaxing tunes flow slowly from the Porsche limited-edition Bluetooth speakers. The space of the guest restaurant can be separated and dialogue with each other. Its collection value and artistic style enhance the sense of space. Entering from the porch is eye-catching and opens up the vision of the entire space. The top surface design of French lines breaks the convention and adds a sense of space and architecture. The ups and downs are also integrated with the ripples of Didang Lake. The entire TV wall of the snow-capped silver fox stone in the living room focuses on the eye-catching sense of weight, spreads calmly and enduringly, without losing vitality. The unique and delicate texture of the snow mountain silver fox stone, with the exquisite bronze sand surface stainless steel details, and the custom fireplace, highlight the owner's quality of life and the value of identity. The western kitchen design increases the storage and operation space of the design sense layer board, makes the space more complete, and integrates with the dining room to meet the requirements of the new social kitchen. The sun shines into the room through the open floor-to-ceiling windows, and the dappled light and shadow that are folded down are constantly wandering along with the passing of time. It strokes the TV wall of the snow mountain silver fox stone, shuttles between the exquisite and elegant glass-shaped screens, and falls on the famous French brand Hermès dinner plate. And it contrasts with the Danish national treasure brand Georg Jensen silver flower ware. As if a feast has already heard the laughter between the host and the guest.



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