IDPA Japan Design Award


by Tyler

Projet Description

The project is located in Xingtai City, Hebei Province, on the high value land of Xindu District. In Haoshun·Hezun, we try to analyze the living life through the current life insights of improved housing, with a more forward-looking imagination Combine it with the urban texture in a contemporary context. From a pioneering perspective and a design language full of tension, the designer expresses his identity and uninhibitedness with detached resonance in the city.


Tyler has 18 yeas expearomse in interior design.He word in PAL design group in 2011,which was founded by Patrick Leung,who was famous in HongKong and Main Land,In 2016,Tyler founded YI DESIGN Group.Project in clude sales office,prototyre room,Provate residence.and private club,Got all high comment by proprietor.

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