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International Design Pioneer Award



Project Description

The Shenzhen Planning Exhibition adopts various high-tech technologies to show the city's historical reform, urban construction, humanistic values and other aspects perfectly. The "Pengcheng Prism" is the core art installation of the exhibition, presenting a natural overview of Shenzhen's 3,428 square kilometers and pattern of mountains and seas with a 1:7,500 3D-printed sand table, and spanning three floors of the exhibition hall in three dimensions, so that the natural, planning and humanistic elements of the city can be seen at a glance.
The exhibition uses binocular cameras to capture images of visitors' faces, generating three depths of information impact, and after processing, their pictures and messages will evolve into an ever-expanding stream of synchronized information in 37 LED displays, giving visitors an interactive experience; The table-shaped installation shows the four habitat concepts and related plans of Shenzhen, including ocean, coastal zone, earth and city, and triggers visitors' visual, auditory and tactile senses with various effects, and it specially adopts AR virtual reality technology to create an all-round and immersive viewing experience for visitors.
Based on mobile slide technology, gifted Shenzhen arc LED screen features "split screen" and "combined screen" two modes. The film is produced with aerial, live-action, 3D, special effects, and live-action composites at resolutions up to 9600x2700, and can be stitched together for near-seamless playback even in the multi-directional movement of the screen array.
The Urban Cinema is a large immersive video installation consisting of a tri-fold wall screen and floor screen, with 21 projection units to show ultra-high resolution films, interpreting the 24-hour life of Shenzhen, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the vitality and creativity of the city.
The 790-meter-long Great Bay Metropolis scroll depicts the urban beauty of Shenzhen and other Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area cities along the coastline. The long scroll is displayed in a 72-meter tilting screen made of 4,960 modules customized to achieve up to 3,10060 resolution of ultra-high definition animation playback, which is the highest level in China. In addition, the 17-meter large screen at its best viewing point supports the interactive display of big data visualization platform, bringing unprecedented visual effect.
The exhibition concludes with a futuristic and imaginative mirrored meditation space. The operation of this meditation space is driven by reason, and the sound basis of its background music is evolved from sine waves, and the chain rhythm generated by the combination of lighting is generated by the system capturing six meteorological data of Shenzhen in real-time, including wind, rain, clouds, temperature and humidity, which are converted by algorithms. The concept of nature is a call for people to return to being close to nature in the midst of the steel and concrete buildings lining up in Shenzhen.
Shenzhen Urban Planning Exhibition, the first time the city of Shenzhen systematically retraces the historical evolution of urban planning and development, has profound significance for the history of China's urban planning development and has become a showcase window for the city to the outside world. Its completion completes the last piece of the puzzle of humanistic construction in Futian District and provides a good urban environment for the citizens.


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