IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

SHENZHEN Huicheng mingyuan Sales Center

by Shenzhen Shenen Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

Tree light shadow light of life
The bustling city makes people become impetuous. People need a pure land to nourish the soul and seek inner peace. Huicheng Mingyuan is located at the intersection of Xilihu Road and Lishan Road in Shenzhen. DA Shenen's design focuses on the spatial concept of "returning to nature and humanity". Combine the unique advantages of Nanshan's ecological environment to create a simple artistic conception combining natural agility and modern design. Xili Lake is used as a guide, taking "water" as its source, and extracting the shape and composition of "water patterns" from the sparkling water on the lake surface, extracting its metaphysical nature, and embodying the interactive relationship between humans and water. Introducing “light” means the radiance of life, the collision of natural space and spiritual conversation, in order to fit the new generation of urban elites seeking inner peace in the international metropolis, leaving a gap for peace, and exploring the most real feelings. Carry modern people's meditation on life in a natural and comfortable state.
Incorporating the intent of landscape into the room, wandering or watching, as if you are in the middle of nature, it constitutes the spatial order of "man and nature". When entering the lobby, the main color is laid out in pure colors, and you can feel the extension from near to far. The collision of metal material, marble texture and water ripple surface gives the space a bold imagination, enriches the spatial hierarchy and pays attention to the visual sensory experience. Oriental elements of the letter pattern and crystal clear materials are spliced into a concavo-convex three-dimensional shape staggered on the wall, simple yet exquisite and translucent. Appropriate use of materials and lighting creates a sense of transparency in the space, which visually looks light and warm.

Shenzhen Shenen Design Co., Ltd
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