IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Shanghai Ruishi Jingting Sales Center

by Tina Wong

Projet Description

In the early stage, the owner put forward a requirement for the design that is different from the layout of the conventional sales center. The first is to require the sand table to be closely connected with the location map, and such a requirement will make the center of the entire space relatively empty. Second, there must be bright spots at the entrance of the sales center, ingenuity and high style. Therefore, in the layout of the later soft decoration, a customized high-transparent crystal sculpture was used at the entrance. The overall sculpture is created with the theme of "water droplets surging", allowing customers to enter the door first to be attracted by the sculpture at the door, and the overall transparent and realistic water drop shape gives the entire sales center a flowing and active design interest. And the volume of the sculpture is just right. It not only enhances the design and decoration of the overall space, but also makes the whole space have the high-level sense of an art museum, which perfectly fulfills the requirements of the owners. The whole is to create a clean, pure, natural and simple space without losing details. We do our best to fulfill it, and the future is as promising as a dream.

Tina Wong
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