IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo


by HILL Landscape

Project Description

The Green Scenery White Stone Continent Jing Courtyard project is located in the core development area of Shenzhen, adjacent to Shennan Avenue, with convenient transportation, complete infrastructure, and rich urban resource landscape. In the rapidly changing urban rhythm, how to create landscape spaces that are in line with diverse cultures and lifestyles, and reshape the urban style that belongs to the characteristics of the times which has become the topic of this landscape design. This design is in line with the cultural and regional impression of white stone continent, shaping the three major artistic journeys of creation, environment, and meaning. It creates an unbounded integrated landscape space, realizes the dialogue between art and nature, and endows the site with a new style of wisdom, diversity, and inclusiveness.
NO.1 Home Entrance - Boundless Art and Nature:
Explore the future ideal residential public areas, create a vacation like living experience at home, and embark on a journey of balance between art and nature.
NO.2 A deep and secluded valley and refined interests or tastes  - Zen Space:
The open french window brings the outdoor light into the room. Through the window, you can see the scene sculptures and small leaf olive kernels dotted among the grass. The outdoor connection allows for the integration of internal and external landscapes, allowing for mutual penetration of vision and space, invisibly magnifying small spaces.
NO.3 Gathering and enjoyment Hall - Exchange Center:
Cleverly using elevated floors to extend living scenes, with built-in stairs and open co-creation spaces, using coffee and beige colors to create an artistic and elegant spatial style, creating a negotiation atmosphere for gatherings friends, and creating a diverse social world for community co-creation, open exhibitions and art salons.
NO.4 Stacked Waterfalls and Leisure Courtyard - Artistic Water Scenery:
As the corridor enters the elegant courtyard with flowing water, clusters of Chinese tallow and slanting red fruits and holly are dotted on both sides of the water landscape, creating a diverse and colorful scenery for the courtyard throughout the four seasons. The bottom of the black rose gold pool and the snow stone at night are integrated into the courtyard water scenery. The silver white art sculpture stands tall in the center of the water scenery, with black and white colliding. The galaxy like texture of luxury stones creates a luxurious and elegant waterfront experience.
Landscape sculpture combines scenes for artistic creation, using abstract techniques to integrate art with space, highlighting spatial style, and creating a quiet and vibrant spatial artistic atmosphere.
NO.5  Court of forest habitat home  - Landscape Reception Hall:
The reception hall paved with bamboo and wood, paired with granite veneer and black and white root stone, adds a fashionable style to the grass habitat. The combination of reception corridors and lawn theaters continues and improves social functions.
NO.6 Water Forest Garden - Secluded ease and Secret Realm:
Quiet water courtyard space, creating rich site hierarchy by changing the height difference of the site. The site connects the central axis space along the water features, while plant clusters shape the veins, continuing the same design language and paving, inheriting the water features and providing a multi-dimensional and permeable living experience. Combining outdoor soft furnishings with tables and chairs in a forested space surrounded by beech trees creates a comfortable gathering place. A stylish sunken resting platform has been designed on one side of the landscape reception hall, equipped with marble benches and coffee tables for daily leisure conversations.
NO.7 Yangbo Lanting - Infinite Swimming Pool:
A natural outdoor swimming pool space with a combination of lounge chairs placed under a palm tree on one side of the pool, creating a seaside experience with a vacation feel.
NO.8 Fanglin Huaiqu - Hanging Garden:
The green oasis seamlessly weaves nature vertically into the building, meeting the spatial limitations of the site and providing residents with sufficient green space. In the environment of the area, where every inch of land is precious, it activates the elegant and smooth modern architecture, achieving boundless integration on the vertical level. 
NO.9 Moving eyes and interests - Wind and Rain Corridor:
The wind and rain corridor with different scenery provides a sense of quality and experience for returning home. As you step into the home corridor, you can see different scenery and spaces from different perspectives. The wind and rain corridor and the central landscape are interconnected, allowing for the infiltration and integration of various indoor and outdoor spaces.
NO.10 Boundless Meaning - The Boundless Art and Artists:
To create a tailored exhibition space for artworks through curation, creating a touchpoint for residents and artworks to appreciate and converse up close, opening up the future ideal art apartment public space model,

HILL Landscape

HILL Landscape company is a large-scale landscape design institution in China, a Class B specialized qualification unit for landscape engineering design, a high-tech enterprise, and has ranked in the top five of China's product strength rankings on Jinpan Net for three consecutive years. Established in Shenzhen in 2007, with over 60 professional design talents, we practice comprehensive landscape planning and design, committed to environmental space design in urban residential, commercial and office, cultural and tourism public, hotel and vacation, industrial parks, schools, hospitals, and other fields. We have produced over a thousand landscape works, won recognition from all parties with our strong professional strength, and won many professional strength awards.
Including: United Nations FOTUN Design Award, Global Habitat Environment Award, American Master of Architecture Award, GFDA Global Future Design Award, IDA International Design Award, PIO Global Real Estate Design Award, Shenzhen Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Award, Shenzhen Landscape Association Excellent Design Award, AHLA Asian Habitat Landscape Award, REARD Global Real Estate Design Award, CREDAWARD Real Estate Design Award, as well as well-known professional awards such as Aesthetics Vogue Award, Landscape Ingenuity Award, Yuanye Award, Kinpan Award, Kinju Award, and  IDEA-KING Award in China and abroad. At the same time, 11 excellent design projects of Hill Landscape have been included in the 13th Five Year Plan textbook "Landscape Planning and Design".

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