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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Shanxi Datong, Ancient Times Homestay

by Shiqi Wang

Projet Description

Located at Qingyuan Street in the ancient city of Datong, located in the Panjiayuan district of Datong City, Shanxi Province, the project is jointly developed by Beijing and the city to promote the national cultural industry and improve the cultural quality of the city. Relying on the resources of local characteristic culture, local folk custom and historical remains, we will build a cultural and commercial complex with distinct business form and strong humanistic flavor. In the streets and alleys with distinctive regional features and a strong historical atmosphere, commercial elements based on culture are implanted to fully display the spirit of life and folk scenes in Datong.
The building itself is part of the classic Beijing Courtyard House, the standard two-courtyard courtyard house, an extension of the traditional architectural culture in Panjiayuan Subdistrict. The unique air quadrangle retains the diversity of architectural styles, through the use of the architectural elements of the Laodatongyuan compound, in a true sense, the return of traditional architectural culture, the symbiosis of tradition and modernity, and the shaping of the overall space style, to carry forward and innovate the history of the ancient city of Datong, and to learn from the operating model of the cultural market in Panjiayuan Subdistrict, combining the design concept of local tourism, culture, architecture, commerce, etc. , can Be more reasonable with Panjiayuan Subdistrict to achieve symbiosis, the formation of prominent features, design style obvious residential space.
With a long history and a strong cultural atmosphere, in the early design thinking, we decided to focus on the traditional courtyard, the interior space for the traditional Chinese style design.
The existing buildings take on the style of traditional architecture, with carved beams and painted buildings, birds flying over the EAVES, hanging railings, all the elements of Chinese architecture are unfolded here. Therefore, not to destroy the existing cultural elements of Chinese architecture, in the interior space design, a large number of traditional elements of Chinese. Use Partition Fan, carry on dividing to the space, exquisite carved partition fan, the space is transparent and bright, communicate with outdoor space each other. The wooden partition fan, rich in the beautiful blessing pattern, is the craftsman people one knife one carving carving becomes, the traditional handicraft makes the exquisite work, can display the Chinese style culture the meaning appropriately. Other accessories in the decoration, are perfect with the space, Exquisite Palace Lights, embroidered Gauze curtains, tables and chairs couch, carved carved partition fan, all reflect the profound Chinese culture, connotation, and the traditional architecture echo. Every guest who enters the space can feel and see the culture of the traditional courtyard house in person.

Shiqi Wang

Graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts,Senior Interior designer,Shaanxi Jianpu Decoration Design Engineering Co. , Ltd. . Legal representative, founder.

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