IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

ShangKun•YueLi-Rowing quay Square(Phase I)

by Honing Studio

Project Description

Yue Shan QING Commune (Yue Shan International Ecological City) is located in Yue Shan Community, Songjiang, Shanghai. It is one of the new middle class settlements in the city of Sheshan area. It is located at the main traffic interchange of Yue Shan Community at Plot 6-8. Yue Shan residents, who pay attention to life and nature, need to provide a community business complex close to nature and life,Starting from the concept of integrating landscape with architectural layout and nature, this paper puts forward the concept of Yue Shan QING commune as a whole landscape, and transforms the values of Yue Shan community, which are light on life, pro-nature and light on social interaction, into a landscape vision.We focus on the landscape concept of "Qing", which is color, sound, light and shadow, nature and life . Natural elements such as light, shadow, water and stone are used as landscape themes. As the first area of Yue Li business, the landscape concept of "water" and "stone" was chosen to make the Marina Square of Yue Li Phase I into a lively, warm and natural community living square of Yue Shan.

Honing Studio

Honing Studio is a landscape architecture firm based in Shanghai, China. In recent years, the project practice insists on solving the current urban problems through art, science, technology, ecology and other ways to cope with the challenges of urgent environmental, health and other related issues. Adhere to innovative design, customized services. At the same time, I have been exploring my own design philosophy and re-understanding landscape architecture and environmental art in the current era. We insist on meaningful and quality design that strikes a balance between environmental acuity, community connection, artistic beauty and economic viability to maximize the social value of the site and enhance people's happiness.

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