IDPA Japan Design Award

Buddha Feels You

by Zhongshan Human Worth Culture Communication Co., LTD

Project Description

In today’s fast-paced life, more and more people begin to pay attention to and appreciate traditional culture, and gradually recognize its charm. In accordance with the trend of the times, this series of cultural and creative products take traditional culture as the creation basis and integrate modern design language to help the development of traditional cultural undertakings, and meanwhile to better inherit Chinese history and culture.
Fully considering the users' usage needs, the design team took things that appear more frequently in daily life as carriers, including items such as amulets, canvas bags, refrigerator stickers, water bottles and bookmarks. By refining the core culture of Buddhism, drawing on the essence of traditional culture and cleverly combining fashion elements, it enables consumers to feel a new cultural deposit.
The series of products take the features of different Buddhist temples as design inspiration, presenting diversified product forms. For example, while the same good wishes are implied, the amulet is introduced by the Donglin Temple co-branding, while the protective talisman is chosen by the Donghua Zen Temple. The amulet is inspired by the cherry blossoms, Mount Lu and white lotus in Donglin Temple, and its color scheme is lively and embellished with auspicious cloud texture, symbolizing good luck and good fortune. The protective talisman uses highly creative text and exquisite embroidery to integrate with sachet culture and traditional culture, helping consumers to calm their minds.
In addition, canvas bags are often used in people’s daily life. The canvas bags in this series achieve the crossover combination of fruits and Buddhist figures in traditional culture through original illustrations. The design team used apple green, orange and sky blue to create a vivid visual effect, which echoes the homophonic phrases on the bags, allowing users to feel the beauty of life.

Zhongshan Human Worth Culture Communication Co., LTD

World Worth is a place of mild aged people after 90. Here, we have professional brand planning, senior visual design, creative Zen copy, non-greasy new media operation, and professional shooting team
We believe that in the future, we will develop the new trend of Chinese Buddhist industry with our own unique vision.

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