IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Searching for Realm in the Cloud


Project Description

The designer cleverly uses modern design language to showcase the elegant flow of French villas. The encounter between the homeowner and the French style touched the heart, creating ripples, extending the home from daily functionality to soul nourishment. While sharing time with family and friends, it satisfies the female homeowner's romantic experiences of movies, literature, flower arrangement, and more. A new story belonging to the homeowner family is also born.


SOBODESIGH was co founded by Zhang Xiao and Zhou Shuyan in 2013 It is a cutting-edge design firm with innovative and diversified design thinking, providing interior, soft decoration, commercial, residential and other design services
We have always been adept at blending multiple styles, exploring how to break through boundaries, reshape appropriate scales and connections while innovating and changing, and create a complete and unified space for users We advocate 'not blindly pursuing the current popular style, what suits oneself is the best.

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