IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Sea Wave

by Hangzhou Epurex Spin Co., Ltd

Projet Description

This durable and aesthetically-pleasing design offers a new option for interior curtains.
To surmount the shortcomings of conventional warp-knitted fabrics, the designer has innovated the knitting process. By rearranging the guide bars and knitting structure, the overall dimensional stability of the fabric is retained while the vertical and horizontal ductility of the product is optimized to maintain the fabric drape even after many times of washing and drying. Besides, the fabric is tightly knitted to well prevent the loops from laddering due to broken yarns or holes. To further improve the durability, the tough and elastic synthetic filament with stable property is used as the base material, which provides a silky feel and defends against erosion caused by external factors to extend the service life of the product.
The slim and exquisite product comes with a mild yet bright color scheme as well as simple and delicate patterns, subtly blending into various styles of modern decoration with a visual sense of lightness and softness. Unlike the patterns printed or dyed on traditional curtains, the patterns on this curtain are made up of various mesh structures, bringing out richer texture and strong attraction in the visual experience. Thanks to the hollow-out design, the curtain brings a more layered and three-dimensional sense to the indoor light and shadow effect when shading the room from natural light, thereby creating a tranquil and natural atmosphere.

Hangzhou Epurex Spin Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Epurex Spin Co., Ltd, an international high-end embroidery and fabrics brand, takes “embroidery, born different” as its positioning to carry forward the consummate techniques of embroidery with ingenuity. Epurex Spin advocates the integration of life aesthetics and embroidery that covers every product of home life to provide consumers with an overall soft furnishing solution that melds art, fashion and humanity.
Based on the new luxury lifestyle, Epurex Spin, with a more youthful and fashionable visual image, matches the current consumer market and expresses the connotations of products in multiple aspects.
The devotion to weaving fabrics with outstanding quality is also the ingenuity presentation of Epurex Spin’s inheriting of the national culture. As the confidence in Chinese culture brings about the brand’s confidence, Epurex Spin showcases the charm of Chinese fashion and delivers Eastern distinctive and elegant lifestyles to the world.

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