IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Nineteen Forty Co., Ltd

Project Description

A bicycle that is both functional and comfortable. First of all, in terms of the frame structure, an oversized top tube is designed to run through the entire bicycle length. The front and rear platforms are used to install the racks, and at the same time it has a much stronger weight support. Although the top tube is long, the length of the whole bike is still within the everyday bike we're used to ride. It does not affect the comfort of riding, making this cargo mini velo as easy to ride as any other bikes.
Secondly, it is a mini velo 20" bike. Compare with bicycles above 20 inches, the center of gravity is lower and more stable under load, and it is more friendly to different cyclist heights.
Finally, it is suitable for different use cases. The lined cargo basket can be used to carry goods, and the flat rack can be used to install additional accessories such as a baby seat. In either city or suburbs, this bike is always more capable than you needed.

Nineteen Forty Co., Ltd

Shanghai Forever Bicycle Company, founded in 1940 and named”Chang He”, is one of the earliest bicycle manufacturing plants in China. "Nineteen Forty" is created as a flagship project for brand upgrade. “NineteenForty” combines two wheeled bicycle products with cycling culture to create products, spaces, and culture with Shanghai style. It builds interaction and connection between the public and the brand, becoming a quality symbol of lifestyle.

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