IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Nanjing Liuhe Rongyue Tai Banquet Art Hotel

by Feng Yuan

Project Description

Adhere to the balance of practicality and aesthetics in the design style, and continue the fashion light luxury romantic type in the visual and emotional resonance. The arc ceiling and the arc decoration on the ground form a response between heaven and earth, and the exquisite design of the wall fireplace seems to be in the warmth of the European castle. The large space is arranged in a way that simulates a natural habitat, providing guests with an environment full of fun and exploration, while adding an air of mystery and romance. Through a selection of high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship, large sculptures are used to show the vivid images of animals, creating an atmosphere that is both luxurious and warm. I see deer when the forest is deep, whales when the sea is blue, and you when I wake up. According to the changes of the scene, the green tone is used to extend the artistic conception of the forest, and the soft lighting design simulates natural light to give guests a more comfortable experience. Walking in time, wandering in the intersection of the season, time flow, time flies. The negotiation room is a diversified and comprehensive design display, providing a comfortable communication space, so that guests feel professional and warm service. The VIP negotiation room is more refined in the choice of soft clothing, which is comfortable, soft and warm. Create a strong sense of ceremony and romantic atmosphere, providing emotional value for private personalized customized services.
Eden · Preamble Hall, in the depths of memory, there is a dream about the Garden of Eden, blooming roses in the sun. Eden is characterized by a super tall and large space, the use of Baroque style suspended ceiling hall, the surrounding facade of the French balcony flowers, to meet the couple's artistic wedding imagination. The noble and elegant European style tells the romance of Shakespeare, and the well-polished scene reflects the romantic atmosphere of aestheticism, light luxury and dream. All the way to bloom, all the way to. There are flowers in the heart, flowers at the foot, surrounded by flowers, into the palace of happiness.Deep Sea Fantasy immersion experience the light of Atlantis Sinking into the deep sea experience "deep blue not romantic" Light and shadow is the incomparable charm of this hall, sturgeon in the sparkling swim, feel the tranquility and eternity from the deep sea.
You are a human spirit, stepping on the starlight into my dream. The banquet hall adopts design elements such as glass and Mosaic mirror.
Catch a dream genie on a midsummer night and sparkle to make the whole space full of life and vitality. Think of it as the Milky Way falling and the stars visiting.
The banquet hall focuses on Korean forest style, using green plants and floral art to experience the natural atmosphere through fresh vision.
The bright lighting effect of the large area of crystal lights adds gorgeousness and holiness to the banquet hall. Fall in love at first sight in the forest, all things play the wedding anthem.
The main stage is designed with a semicircular arc and the European grand staircase extends from the inside to the outside to open, and you walk in the endless stars. At the top of the diamond mirror crystal lamp formed a huge flower tray, shining bright light, romantic dance here.
The door of time and space opens the children's journey to explore knowledge, and the stars and spacecraft decoration on the top make the space more interesting and future. Children travel across the universe in spaceships to challenge possible futures. "Flying dreams to see the vast universe"
The soft tones of off-white are paired with elegant soft clothes such as black and white, providing a comfortable and relaxing space for the bride to enjoy her makeup time before the wedding. Through the combination of linearity and lighting, the design style of modern science and technology is expressed, maintaining the overall theme design style.

Feng Yuan

Feng Yuan from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province has been engaged in the design industry for 15 years this year; In the first 10 years, I served in the commercial real estate industry, responsible for the design and preparation of commercial complexes, communicating and coordinating various engineering majors such as architecture, structure, fire protection and HVAC to solve project problems. During this period, I also dealt with brands in different industries, helped to achieve the conditions for opening stores, and began to understand the operational needs behind various industries. In 2018, I started my own business and founded my own design brand - Source Space Design. From Party A to Party B, I began to provide design services for commercial brands. The projects I have designed in the past few years have covered various industries, among which the most are catering projects of different categories. The process of helping brands to achieve commercial objectives also enables us to gain more project opportunities.

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