IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Return to Innocence

by Touch Design

Projet Description

Nature has its own circulation between heaven and earth, all things inevitably decline, and for the symbol of the passage of time, not as decay, but accept and savor its beauty, this is the heart of wabi Sabi. -- Designer remarks
Wabi is full of appreciation and cherishment of primitive simplicity. It is not minimalism or emptiness, but a unique sense of indifferent years. In the most unpretentious realm, it has won the beauty that transcends time. Being in a space full of wabi-sabiness will make people calm down for no reason, with inward consciousness, to appreciate the beauty of the quiet space and discover the beauty of oneself.
This project is located in the prosperous city of Beijing. The designer takes the aesthetics of wabi-sabi as the starting point, and uses the oriental philosophy of static braking, empty space for fullness, and disability as beauty, to remove the lavish and gorgeous shell of the city and space, and let the space return to humanity. Inner resonance.

Touch Design

Touch Design was founded in 2008, focusing on the design and construction services of high-end private houses, commercial and office spaces. The company has dual qualifications for design and construction. It is a founding brand that introduces space design into Tianjin in the form of a studio, and is a hot brand for online media. We advocate the independence and originality of design and the quality and comfort of space, and strive to perfectly combine the scientific design and visual artistry, to provide elite customers with high-quality various space design and construction services, and always go with the spirit of ingenuity Reshape the aesthetics of space design.

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