IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Restaurant & bar Ichi Go Ichi E


Project Description

Following the Japanese idiom “Ichi-Go Ichi-E" this pan-Asian cuisine restaurant & bar was created to make each visit here a cherishable unlike any other experience to its guests.
The deep-crimson shades of wooden arched corridor with sunk-in gravel stepstones remind of the row of torii in front of the entrance to a sacred temple, a space where everyday routine fades away, preparing visitors for an unrepeatable experience for their senses.
Diverse yet balanced interior of the main hall consists of several zones, concentrated around the visual dominant - the central column with a 360 degree multimedia. From almost every seat the open kitchen is visible, while seatings are comfortably divided from each other. The sofa of bionic form is embracing the column and forming groups of seats.
There is no street and general lighting in the restaurant - it is open only in the evening hours, which meant for us the privilege to implement light scenarios with the most suitable for relaxation light temperature. Each zone is highlighted by its own 、 light group, so guests find themselves in an interior maximally comfortable for relaxation and focusing on their sensations.
We did not try to maintain Japanese style in its literal sense, but created an attractive interior with Asian motifs without obvious national connotations. Japanese motifs are hidden in the composition and layout of the interior, in some of its elements and details. The values and ideas of the concept, taken from the philosophy of Zen buddhism, became the leitmotif of the entire design, but the balance of colors, the choice of textures and the materials used were not limited to these traditions, exhibiting a variety of colors and shapes.


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