IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Puyun – Yunnan Cuisine

by Luchuan liu

Project Description

"Puyun - Yunnan Cuisine" originated from the south of the colourful clouds and is located in the Guotai Hotel on the south side of Chang'an Street in Beijing, a high-end Yunnan cuisine.
With "Pu" as the guide and "Yun" as the rhyme, the design takes "Dao" from Yunnan's humanities and nature, and the modern spatial vocabulary outlines the main line of the narrative, riding on the flavour and searching for veins, and exploring the regional cultural origins. The diversified background colours of Yunnan's land, the strong cultural core, and the natural breeding of flavours are written into the multi-dimensional experience of the space.
"Diamond and gold, flowers into clouds", contemporary poetic idleness, a fireworks run, melting in the landscape, returned to the Oriental "hidden" feelings.

Luchuan liu

Founder of Beijing Magic Square Design Focusing on restaurant brand design practice and ideological innovation.
With the design philosophy of "designing a good restaurant is telling a good story", we have entered into close strategic partnerships with many of China's leading restaurant brands.
We advocate empowerment from the two dimensions of commercial operation design and artistic expression design, digging into the environmental background and humanistic heritage of the project, organising skills, and seeking a balance between people and objects, and people and space, so as to create a rich emotional experience, find resonance, and create a value-added consumer space to convey brand value.

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