IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Z-Jing Architecture

Projet Description

For the design of this living space, we broke the conventional furniture layout and let the space revolve around the living habits of residents. In private living space, we believe that communication is a very important thing. Each member of the family needs to enhance emotion in communication.
In the space, we also use the painting "resplendence" by artist Cui Jie. The decoration of the art painting can be of good commission quality, which adds a lot of vividness to the original simple and quiet space.

Z-Jing Architecture

Z-Jing Architecture interior design company with strategic thinking and pursuing space temperament.
We advocate rational and scientific design methods, pay attention to design strategies, be good at solving problems and pay attention to shaping space temperament. We are good at the research and design of real estate model, high-end private houses, office space, retail commerce and other spaces.

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