IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Hunan Xinhua River & Garden House residential space design

by Rennan Tang

Projet Description

It is surrounded by river and inherits the gene of oriental culture. It is both dignified and thick in the north and scholarly in the south. In the designer's works, the space inherits the Chinese gene and describes the modern outline as the main axis, reconstructs the new paradigm of oriental life, and uses ink as the connecting space. From point to line, from line to surface, the charm of power and beauty and flow blend indoors, and virtual and real coexist. By transforming and shaping the contemporary life rich in oriental heritage, slowly pour out the elegant literati complex and convey the humanistic and poetic brand connotation in the long artistic conception of oriental charm.
The reception hall is solemn and atmospheric, mainly in ink Dan cyan, integrating the warmth of dot. The inside is the sofa background wall with the meaning of “A phoenix comes with grace to rest”. The outside is the viewing reception area with books to cultivate one's moral character . With the dense artistic conception slowly unfolded, it will spread the tonality of the living room.
Polished with modern aesthetics, refined and enriched with classic elements, injected with humanistic feelings, elegance and romance are ubiquitous.
The design of the leisure area is simple and generous, which is quiet, elegant and dynamic, and it is another space for neighbors to communicate.
The bedroom is to show it is built on the lakeside, hidden in the forest, and the romance is written in the poems and songs, which are subtle and long landscape paintings. The theme of mountains and rivers is everywhere, with smoke and clouds as the spirit, and the shades of ink are interlaced, which outlines the clouds and clouds of all phenomena.
The built-in cloakroom provides space for primary family members to store, stow, change and dress. Reasonable storage arrangements and spacious changing space are the overall design concept of the cloakroom.
The lines are simple and smooth, and the patterns reflect the rhythm and rhythm. The top surface is light in color, which does not give people a sense of messiness and depression.
With the development of the times, people are getting closer and closer to the life of their dreams. In the courtyard house in the sky, you can plant flowers and walk dogs. And you can see the outside world through the windows and breathe fresh air.

Rennan Tang

Stage name: Chonghao
Hunan Chonghao Space Design Office Design director
Graduated from: Hunan University
Personal Quote: Art is the sublimation of life, design is the presentation of art.
Design concept: man-made design lifestyle is to strive to create a better living state.

Honor and work experience:
China Registered Senior Interior Architect
Excellence Award of the 6th Hunan Interior Design Competition
Bronze Award of the First Home Interior Design Competition in Hunan Province
2007 "Oushennuo" Cup Interior Design Competition Silver Award
2018 Oupai Cup Interior Design Competition "Top Ten Designers" in South China
Worked as a designer in Beijing Yezhifeng Decoration Studio
Senior designer in Hunan Victoria (specializing in European luxury homes)
Chief designer in Beijing Baidu Decoration
Design director in Hunan Palace decoration
Design director and manager of design department in Hunan Xinkang Decoration
Design director and manager of design department in Hunan Obo Decoration Design Engineering Co., LTD.
Design director in Beijing Dongyi Risheng loudi Branch from 2017 to 2019
Manager of Design Department in Shanghai Botao Decoration-Loudi Branch from 2019 to 2020
Established Hunan Chonghao Space Design Office in May 2020.

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