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International Design Pioneer Award

Mingyi Design| Reality · Me

by Ren Xinwei

Projet Description

When the owner found me in this case, he only gave the basic family member status and simple functional requirements, while others were handed over to me to design and control. After several exchanges, I determined the design direction.
The owner is an elite in the new era,
"At the time of youth, high-spirited, ideal, ambitious, wanting to make a difference, enthusiastic and full of energy."
This is my feeling about the owner himself, and it is also a feeling I need to express about this case. "You must be young and fashionable without losing your composure, delicate without losing that vigor and vigor, and at the same time express the warmth of being a monk and your love for your home."
Spatial functional structure
The first floor space is the main reception space:
It includes living room, kitchen dining room, tea tasting, parents room, guest room, etc., to meet the necessary functions of daily life.
The second floor space is the main living space of the owner:
In addition to the rest space, this layer of structure also integrates independent space for children's reading and learning. In this space, parents can accompany their children to read, do handicrafts together, and watch Hayao Miyazaki's animations together, showing a warm picture of growing up with their children, so that children can have a happy childhood.
There is also an audio-visual space next door, where the owner can close the door and taste a glass of red wine, listen to music to relax, or sing and sing together as a family.
spatial representation
In this case, stainless steel is used, and the collision between stone and wood is expressed in a simple way, which not only shows a sense of fashion, but also resolves the hardness and coldness of stainless steel and stone.
In the control of the overall space color, in order to avoid the frivolity brought by modern fashion, the use of wood color and bronze color stainless steel with higher grayscale is used to reconcile the space, which makes the space a little more calm.
In the choice of light source, the color temperature of 3000K is the main color temperature, which makes the quiet night a little more warm and returns to the taste of home.
At the time of youth and youth, high-spirited, ideal, ambitious, wanting to make a difference, enthusiastic and full of energy

Ren Xinwei

Name: Ren Xinwei
Residence: China. Shenzhen
CIDA China Interior Designer Member
CIDA Senior Interior Designer
2000-2010 Engaged in product design
2010-present Engaged in interior design
Founder of Shenzhen Mingyi Decoration Design Co., Ltd.

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