IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Re Imagine


Projet Description

"The picture written by the movie,
The expression of images and sounds,
Neither analyze nor explain, It's reorganization. "

Taking the film editing and montage technique as an opportunity, the audience's aesthetics and inner desires are reorganized to create a sense of enthusiasm. Boldly use movies and colors as design concepts, combined with modern techniques of "simple and artistic, avant-garde and classic", to interpret the residential experience of modern human settlements. In the scene of the movie "Daydream", reality and imagination alternate back and forth. Whenever the scene switches to a dream, the main color will change from cold to warm, and the colors are richer and brighter than in the real scene. To travel through dreams and real life is a profound expression of art. Only human dreams give you multi-dimensional feelings of sight, touch, smell, and hearing.
"The Pianist on the Sea" In the troubled city, home is the only place where you can stick to the purest spiritual world. In "The Pianist on the Sea", the protagonist loves life and fully demonstrates the charm of life. The color interpretation of "red" tells the contrast between the bold and pure colors observed from different angles of the body's trajectory. Artisticize the pursuit of beauty in our hearts, and enlarge the freedom we long for in the depths of our hearts.
The metal system is warm and comfortable. The restaurant area uses white as the main color, coffee brown as the main color, and at the same time, it is supplemented by metal and red to form the entire color system. For the space color matching, it is not like a deliberate fiddling and matching, but more like a designer making a body, tailoring and stitching to avoid the abrupt and sluggishness.
From the overall layout to the three-dimensional design, the bad aspects are removed and the good aspects are left. Every seemingly strange process actually hides design thinking. Continuing the ideas of simple form, artistic expression, humanistic temperament, and elegant city, focus on creating the look of modern life and creating an ideal home with great humanistic care.



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