IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Creek Village Model House

by ENG Design

Projet Description

ENG Design is responsible for the display art design of the project. The designers fully display the idyllic scenery of Qingcheng Mountain in the model house, where people can cultivate themselves and find themselves. It can be used for long-term residence or as a guest house.
ENG Design extracts elements such as bamboo, fragrant floral art, hand weaving and the like from the local pastoral tourism characteristics of Qingcheng Mountain to create a comfortable and leisure idyllic life.
The overall color of the room is warm earth tones, brown, khaki, rice, gray, and a small amount of olive green use, like rich and gentle earth. The furniture made of raw and romantic materials like cotton, linen, straw and rattan reflects the the leisure of the indoor space. In order to express the natural ecology, the designers select immortal flowers and dried flowers, together with primitive pottery flower ware, to reflect the idyllic natural environment of the landscape.

ENG Design


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