IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Puff Coffee Grounds Organic Skate Shoes


Project Description

Puff Coffee Grounds Organic Skate Shoes features an appearance inspired by the energy-boosting breakfast- omelet and toast, aiming to create baking-style shoes, thus encouraging kids to explore baking and fostering their hands-on skills. This product takes a toast-like color as the dominant tone, dotted with coffee brown and yolk yellow, to present a layered and vivid visual experience. With decorative wheat-stitched shoelaces, omelet toast buckles, and puff biscuit-shaped TPU stabilizers, this product is cuter and sweeter, arousing kids' curiosity and immersing them in baking.
Baking usually causes food and plastic waste. This product adopts recycled materials to foster kids' environmental awareness while echoing the brand's sustainable design concept. The upper mesh fabric and space leather apply recycled polyester fiber made from recycled plastic water bottles instead of petrochemical fibers, reducing plastic pollution. The outsoles utilize coffee grounds organic materials to be eco-friendly and anti-bacterial.
This product boasts excellent functions. It comes with the Puff 2.0 Pro sole with the midsole featuring soft elastic MD, lightweight anti-slip rubber, and TPU stabilizer. By adjusting the pore density of the MD raw material, the Puff 2.0 Pro sole enhances softness by 16% and resilience by 13% compared with the Puff 1.0 sole. The outsole adds a semi-enclosed rubber strip to be anti-slip and lightweight, reducing the rubber weight by 57% and the whole sole by 25% compared with the Puff 1.0 sole, thus safeguarding kids' healthy growth. In addition, the leather upper applies microporous breathable technology, enabling outstanding breathability and water resistance to ensure wearing comfort. Equipped with Balabala's pioneering anti-mold and anti-bacterial insoles, this product facilitates moisture absorption and perspiration to keep feet dry and hygienic.


ZHE JIANG SEMIR GARMENT CO., LTD, founded in 1996, is a cross-industry comprehensive private enterprise with multi-brand garments as its mainline products. The company boasts two major clothing brands, Semir and Balabala, which are the leading brands in China's sportswear and children's garment industry
Balabala, a famous children’s fashion clothing brand in China, covers a full range of categories to meet children’s multi-scene wearing needs. Featuring cutting-edge fabrics and technologies, this line of products is designed by an international professional design team, aiming to be suitable for children of all ages and help bring them a happy childhood.

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