IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Coffee Puff Jogging Shoes


Project Description

Coffee Puff Jogging Shoes aim to provide a puff-like soft, resilient, and comfortable kid shoe solution. Inspired by soft and tender puff, this product innovatively introduces Puff 3.0 soles. The Puff 3.0 sole incorporates highly elastic materials into EVA and utilizes the high-temp pressing process to reshape the sole structure, improving the midsole softness to 45 degrees and offering 20% resilience, which ensures strong cushioning during sports and ultimate support and comfort for feet. The pioneering "soft puff" high-elasticity foam insole is mainly made from polyurethane (PU). It improves resilience by 17% and softness by 47% by reshaping material molecule structure through high-temp treatment, which narrows material energy pores to increase the number of energy pores for higher energy, further improving comfort. The insole also adds anti-bacterial and anti-odor materials to enable a sterilization rate of 99%, delivering an all-day comfortable and healthy experience. Moreover, the outsole applies a cream art-like streamlined design to secure strong traction and abrasion resistance, surviving multiple complex road conditions. This product borrows colors of coffee and puff, alongside cloud-shaped buckles with doughnuts and candies elements inside, presenting an eye-pleasing visual experience to cater to kids' aesthetic needs. It boasts a sticker-decorated BOA closure system, making shoelace tightness adjustment easy and funny.
This product continues the brand's sustainable design concept. It merges coffee grounds into the rubber outsole to be more eco-friendly. Coffee grounds consist of multiple pores, helping ensure excellent deodorization to keep kids' feet dry and cozy. The upper is made from recycled plastic water bottles, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions while making this product more durable.


ZHE JIANG SEMIR GARMENT CO., LTD, founded in 1996, is a cross-industry comprehensive private enterprise with multi-brand garments as its mainline products. The company boasts two major clothing brands, Semir and Balabala, which are the leading brands in China's sportswear and children's garment industry respectively.
Balabala, a famous children’s fashion clothing brand in China, covers a full range of categories to meet children’s multi-scene wearing needs. Featuring cutting-edge fabrics and technologies, this line of products is designed by an international professional design team, aiming to be suitable for children of all ages and help bring them a happy childhood.

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