IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Poetic space

by Gan Ping, Zhang Weihuang

Project Description

Project location: Fuzhou Taihe Hongyue
Project area: 400 square meters
Space design: Gan Ping, Zhang Weihuang
Soft Decoration Design: Tian Shiyu
Visual expression: Southern style
Photographer: Li Di
The early morning sunshine naturally exchanges. Bringing tranquility to the moment and acquiring the purity of time. Space gives us agility and poetry; And the only way we can communicate with them is to spend the long time with them with our sincerity.
Sleep space gives people a spatial texture that combines French and American styles, where they can dream and enjoy it alone. Dreams always endlessly rub the complexity of reality, sometimes they are profound and unfathomable, and sometimes they face our hearts directly. People are often rational and eager to have, and may find a lot of comfort in tracing their dreams.
The flow of light, the rest of the heart. Make every corner full of romance and poetry, and cleverly use light and shadow to give the bathroom a sense of tranquility.
A good space is like warm water, ensuring comfort; I can also feel the "sweetness" of the sediment at the end. The horizontal style adopts an arched door frame, which weakens the edges and corners of the space and makes the visual experience more soft.
We cannot complete such a space design that fits our soul's imagination without the help of light and shadow. A good design, natural light and shadow, must also be a part of the designer. The personalized walls also show the owner's love for art, which happens to be able to shed a little pallor on the space.
Cats are a portrayal of everyone's soft heart, a space specially designed for cats. Considering the lifestyle of cats, provide them with sufficient running and jumping area. And when sleeping and relaxing, the 'little corner' also needs to be fully satisfied!
In the audio and video room, in addition to watching movies, one can also look at the starry sky and the river from afar. Human beings are not insignificant, but the world is too big. But at any time, we let technology comfort our hearts and immerse them in the beauty and romance of life.
The red color in the living room and staircase is reminiscent of French cinema - red; Red is passion, red is redemption, and red is love. Open up the red of consciousness and write about our love and imagination for life.
The combination of lighting and black and white soft decoration creates a spiritual sense of space. The construction of the staircase perfectly complements the red color, making the visual movement of the entire space more ingenious.
At home in a small bar, without the interference of strangers, quietly enjoy the dreams brought by a slight drunkenness. Or it could be a cup of wine with friends, a quiet night of friendship.

Gan Ping, Zhang Weihuang

Design Director of Meikai Space
Employment time: 13 years
Senior Interior Designer of China Architectural Decoration Association
Director of Fuzhou Interior Designers Association
Design concept:
Design should convey as much love and joy towards life as possible
Flexible design strokes can awaken people's more perception of life

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