IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Carrier of tranquility

by JTS Interior Design

Project Description

Pairing with the warm wood elements, dark colors can evoke a sense of tranquility and allow an inner humanistic charm to be embedded in the calm and mellow residence. To provide a transparent and unobstructed view, an open floor plan enables natural light to reach farther into the space. The beam creates an invisible boundary that divides the living room and dining room, while the wood elements span extensively across the space and create a porch that not only connects the ceiling, wall and flooring but also symbolizes the changes of views.
The dark brown wood flooring gives a comfortable skin-friendly feel and relaxes the mind when the dweller returns home everyday. The TV wall sets the tone in simplicity with its pure grayish-white color palette. The ink-colored metal panel expands upward to the low beam on the canopy, creating a sense of airiness and spaciousness in the main scene through a consistent material. To soften the heaviness of the ink color and add constant warmth, bright yellow lamps are embedded in the exterior of the lower TV cabinet. The wall behind the sofa is painted with handmade special paint that exudes a rustic atmosphere. The door to the master bedroom is also hidden to add simplicity and cleanness to a space.
In the dining space, the overlay of smoked wood and grayscale stone textures creates a subtle contrast between warm and cold. By adding adequate ambient light and the diffused daylight, the space has a comfortable room temperature and reflects aesthetic sensitivity. Between the rich textures of wood and stone, the cabinets and bedroom door are concealed, displaying the balance between aesthetics and functionality.
Unlike the subdued communal space, a dash of grayish-blue on the headboard adds softness and elegance to the master bedroom. The space is decorated with elements in the communal space such as iron pieces, and metal coating. Under the daylight, a consistent interior and exterior theme is created.

JTS Interior Design

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