IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

8200 Phantom


Project Description

This sofa is called the Phantom.The overall design of the sofa is simple and atmospheric, all match, suitable for light luxury, modern, simple and other different styles of home decoration. Strive to create a delicate and simple life style, so that the living room space is more delicate and beautiful.
Sofa design inspiration comes from Tetris, through different modules interspersed, splicing a novel, pioneering design sense, making the product on the basis of minimalist style to increase the smart and interesting.
In terms of color matching, two colors were selected. One of them is ink gray, representing calm, cold, senior, lazy and casual, with a shocking aesthetic feeling that other colors cannot match. And the other gentle and elegant camel brown, reduce people's stereotype of light luxury style grandiose, more fresh and natural, in the quiet spread out inimical elegance and delicacy.
The attention to details highlights the design's profound insight into the contemporary elite lifestyle. The sofa head has multi-angle folding adjustment function, which not only adds a rich sense of hierarchy, but also greatly improves comfort.
Full square armrest shape, wide sitting deep, all-round create a soft and thick feeling of sitting, whether reading, visiting or rest, easily meet people's needs in different life scenes. To find a balance between introverted and light luxury, between fashion and utility.


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