IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Machine Washable Suit

by Hunan Dongfang Fashion CO.,LTD

Project Description

The suit is made from certified high-quality wool fabric, which has undergone special treatment to effectively reduce felting and shrinking when exposed to water. This ensures that the suit maintains a more stable size after machine washing and eliminates the risk of severe felting and deformation that can occur with wool suits in the washing machine.
It carefully selects complementary materials to ensure a perfect match in shrinkage between the fabric and trimmings. This guarantees that the suit's appearance remains unchanged after washing and prevents the formation of bubbles. Every seam is reinforced, and the inner structure features a water-repellent technique, ensuring that the suit does not experience delamination issues after washing.
With the easy-care design, all you need to do is wash the suit, let it dry, and it's ready to wear. This eliminates the hassle of frequent trips to the dry cleaner. We provide a one-stop experience that saves you time and effort. Whether it's a business occasion or a social gathering, our suit allows you to showcase your confidence and style.

Hunan Dongfang Fashion CO.,LTD

Hunan Dongfang Fashion CO.,LTD (SUNDANCE Group) is a garment enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales. The company was founded in 1994. It has three major brands, namely, the light business men's wear brand of "SUNDANCE", "the high-end professional wear brand of" SOFFICE "and the private custom brand of “Labelit. Founded in 2010, SOFFICE is a professional clothing custom brand under Hunan Dongfang Fashion CO.,LTD. For more than ten years, SOFFICE has designed elegant, comfortable and easy to take care of clothes by relying on a team of internationally renowned clothing designers. It has provided a variety of group image matching schemes for administrative affairs, enterprise business and education colleges. At present, it has provided group customization services for thousands of large enterprises and institutions in more than 40 industries.

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