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International Design Pioneer Award

Nanjing OKAY WZK tide shoe shop

by Zeng Xianzi

Projet Description

NANJING OKAY WZK Tidal Shoe Store was officially launched in Nanjing in 2018 after a two-year christening, officially updated and decorated in May 2022, and officially announced its opening on July 8, 2022.
We are honored to be invited by Chinese "rap poet" Jony J Douya to participate in the renovation space design of Nanjing okay wzk. After three months of communication and design, we finally achieved the perfect landing for this project. This is our second project with a star. The whole process is full of challenges and fun.
Nanjing OKAY WZK TrendyShoe Store brings the "community-centered" design back to the street with a brand new retail building type.
Laifeng Street is an eclectic and extremely local Nanjing neighborhood, blending decades-old residents with vibrant youthful tourists and businesses.
By opening the Swing area, we hope to bring a new public space to the neighborhood: a place where everyone is integrated and welcomed, a place where trendsetters can gather and mingle.
OKAY WZK Fashion Shoe Store in Nanjing is a sophisticated commercial space that integrates the business forms of clothing, tattooing and beverages to create a fresh social platform for youthful people. The overall design style of OKAY WZK trendy Shoe Store in Nanjing is mainly grey. We tried to use stainless steel, acrylic and other materials to create a cold, tough atmosphere in space.
We want the space to be personal and it should sufficiently interpret the brand tone of OKAY WZK Fashion Shoe Store in Nanjing; we also want it to be hospitable and in tune with the ethos of the different brand when a brand event takes place.
The layout of the store was designed primarily to take into account the openness of the moving lines of customers and the contemporary and trendy feel generated by the merchandise displayed in the space. We designed movable display shelves that can be moved to adjust the layout of the space and make the space more flexible.
The selection of materials throughout the space is controlled and deliberate. The material is repeated throughout, creating a harmonious backdrop of simplicity and continuity against which the luxury shoes stand out. The installation display area in the center makes more clever use of lighting to emphasize the level of space. The shelves in the shoe closet are also made of acrylic. The combination of acrylic and light makes the effect look as if the light is holding the shoe.
The space is divided into two sections, with the main exhibition area made up of installation art components, layered matrices that create a unique guide to the client. . In the rear space, sandblasted stainless steel and contrasting microcement are used as the main materials to increase visual integrity and reflect the brand identity and image display.

Zeng Xianzi

Director of Shenzhen Xinqiyuan Design Consulting Co., LTD
He graduated from Hunan University of Technology
Bachelor's degree in Environmental Art Design
2022 Collaborating with top domestic rapper JonyJ in Nanjing okay wzk fashion shoe store
Serving domestic leading trend brands: such as WZK fashion shoe store DEAL fashion shoe store SOMETHING FOR COFFEE brand PW basketball physical training center CBA Nanjing Tongxi basketball experience center SUPBRO shoe washing experience center
It aims to create a design space of "trend creativity + art immersive experience", and pursues the works to bring perfect intuitive experience to customers and consumers, and maximize the commercial value to customers.
Focusing on fashion, commercial space design and research, personalized private home design customization for commercial clients to solve space, business, brand positioning and other professional problems, and private home clients to create a fun home life.

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