IDPA Japan Design Award


by MoreIn Design

Projet Description

Under the influence of rapid industrial urbanization, the space at the disposal of residents has become fragmented and crowded. Spaces less than 60 square meters and reparative interior design become the large-scale modular production, while this case satisfies the mobility of small residences, and breaks the fixed boundaries to conform to the spirit of sustainable life.
This project aims to build an urban residence in the principle of practicality, aesthetics, and sustainability. The original layout has only one bedroom and one living room, and there is a sunken recessed area. Therefore, the designer uses this height difference to add a mezzanine area to simulate the appearance of mountains and streams and plans different function areas, such as the dressing room, studio, and reading area in front of the bed. It breaks the restrictions of the compartments, retaining the open and penetrating space sight.
The design echoes the form of natural and mountain scenery through different materials and colors applications; materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable, such as paradise, iron, wood and environmental protection coating that minimizes environmental damage.
The bedroom on the mezzanine floor is like an overhanging rock block on a mountain peak. The boundary is separated from the overall space by creating a hollow feeling through glass and iron parts. The indigo blue iron stairs are waterfalls and deep pools. The gray ladder and surface symbolizing the rock below extends to the desk where becomes a multifunctional platform expand the flexibility of use, also a turning point for connection and stay becomes; the TV wall and dining table top materials simulate the color gradation of minerals after erosion. The dweller can discover different scenery at every turn of the peaks and different angles of vision.

MoreIn Design

MoreIn Design, makes the comprehensive design with architectural perspective and thinking, and integrates the needs, environment, humanities, aesthetics, budget and future growth through the full communication with people and brands, and tries to use different materials, methods and themes, to customize and create the most appropriate space atmosphere and appearance.
2022 International Design Award /Honorable Mention
2022 TITAN Award / Gold Prize
2021 IF Design Award/Winner
2021 SIDA Design Award / Gold Prize
2021 APIDA Design Award / Winner
2021 Architecture Master Prize / Honorable Mention
2021 APSDA Design Award / Honorable Mention
2021 Nuvom Design Award / Gold Prize
2020 SIDA Design Award / Silver Prize
2020 K Design / Gold Prize
2020 German Design Award / Special Selection

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