IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Miss Liang Honeycomb Pot

by Hangzhou Liangwanzhi Technology Co., Ltd

Projet Description

Typed as a stainless steel pot, Miss Liang Honeycomb Pot employs open honeycomb reticulated matrix construction technology and possesses distinctive "five-layer core" integrated composite die-casting structure, covering honeycomb texture layer, anti-sticking layer, 316L stainless steel layer, high heat transfer pure aluminum layer and 430 superconducting magnetic steel substrate layer.It is suitable for all kinds of cooking stoves, such as induction cookers and gas stoves, and has the characteristics of uniform heat collection, rapid heat conduction and anti-sticking and splashing.Miss Liang Honeycomb Pot is fully wrapped in 316L stainless steel and embedded& etched by dot matrix, compactly combining the high-density fine mesh and the pot body. Thanks to the open honeycomb structure and accurate measurement of grid structure, its liquid ductility exceeds that of the traditional closed pot bottom.
During the heating process, a water vapor film is formed on the inner surface of the pan, which effectively protects the inner wall of the pan and prevents ingredients from sticking to the pan due to uneven heating and scraping by a spatula, thus facilitating the cleaning of the pan. The water ripple type pot bottom of multiple heat storage has the functions along efficient, centralized and uniform heat transfer, heat storage and heat release, improving energy utilization rate, reducing energy loss, prolonging service life, and avoiding oxidation of the pot bottom after heating. It is difficult for the users to open the pot through the common metal lid to observe and time.For above, Miss Liang Honeycomb Pot is designed with an observable transparent lid for instant observing and thus upgrading user experience. In addition, the vertical cover handle can stand on the table when in use, avoiding direct contact with the surface of the table, and providing convenient, clean and sanitary placement.

Hangzhou Liangwanzhi Technology Co., Ltd


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