IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Manhe Beijing


Projet Description

This is a large residence project located in Chaoyang District, Beijing. Themed on “serenity”, the project combines nature with simple art in a harmonious way, creating a comfortable living environment undisturbed from the bustling world outside.
The designer manages to show the charm of modern Chinese architecture with unique designs based on the new Chinese design style and the Bauhaus' design principles.
The hallway of the residence adopts a light color scheme, a design that can eliminate the sense of boundary with the outside space and ensure smooth transition to the inside. The indoor space is mainly illuminated by natural light through a number of floor-to-ceiling windows that can bring a bright, panoramic view to the resident when he or she enters the public area. In terms of lighting expression, the project employs recessed lights to provide illumination at night and add an artistic atmosphere to the space. Through flexible layout schemes and composition techniques, the designer integrates the delicate patterns and the unique textures of the natural construction materials such as wood, hemp, rattan, metal, stone and leather, creating a sharp contrast and peaceful concord between softness and hardness. Such combination conveys the Chinese philosophical concepts of Taiji, the cosmos(time and space) and Yin and Yang, reflecting the ancient wisdom of man-nature harmony and therefore bringing the project a strong philosophical charm. For the selection and layout of soft decoration, the designer works to ensure both functionality and coordination between the simple, exquisite shapes of the ornaments with the larger household environment. By purposely reducing superfluous elements, a visual effect of implicity and simplicity is created. Meanwhile, less elements also leave more white space, which can induce the resident’s associations with nature to generate a sense of calmness. As an residence of extreme simplicity and elegance, this project brings serenity and vitality to the householder, leaving an understated yet indelible mark in his or her life. known


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