IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Mu Yue Lan Ting

by Sun Hao

Project Description

r/> Loucan once said, " Architecture is the reflection of the human spirit in the material world.”
Handan ancient capital, the city, the world. Designer Sun Hao translated regional culture to new life with modern techniques, and integrates the interest of nature into the details of architecture and space, in which people feel the urban culture, the charm of art and the spiritual nourishment.

Sun Hao

Sun Hao established Hong Kong Aesthetic Design Office in 2012, and changed its name to "Sun Hao Space Creative Office" in 2020. The design team of Sun Hao Space Creative Office is committed to providing customers with professional and valuable aesthetic space, advocating the innovation and diversification of space design, providing design and research and development services for customers with high-end aesthetic demands, and leading and promoting the trend of emerging leisure lifestyle changes. The project covers 24 cities across the country and has won hundreds of design awards at home and abroad. It is highly trusted and recognized, casting Sun Hao's design team in the field of spa space design.
2023 USA AIIDA International influence innovation design agency TOP50;
2023 Golden Teng Award JTA Benchmarking design NEW100;
The Art Award of the 12th International Space Design Award 2022 residential space design city shortlisted award;
2022 Shanghai International Design Week New Design Award Intercity Award, provincial Award;
2022 Mango Awards TOP100 Commercial Space category;
2022 Mango Awards TOP100 Commercial Space category;
2021 GPDP AWARD International Innovative Design Award; 2021-202240UNDER40 China (Shenyang) Design Outstanding youth;
2020-2021 10th Nesting Award Commercial Catering Space Excellence Award;
2020-202140UNDER40 China (Shenyang) Design Outstanding Youth;
The 10th International Space Design Award 2020 Ait Award for Urban Space Design Excellence Award;
2020 (Cool + creative camp) Annual Pioneer TOP150 Strong 2020 Longteng Award Commercial Space soft Decoration Design Excellence Award;
The Annual Outstanding Designer of the 6th International Art and Design Competition in 2021;
2021-2022 MANGOPRIZE National Commercial Space Class Promotion TOP1002019 Longcheng Award Hubei Competition Area Judge.

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