IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

More than a Cabin

by Tong Zhang

Projet Description

The project is located in Xuhui District, Shanghai. It is a one-bedroom apartment of less than 40 sq. ft. This case is located on the first floor of a high-rise building, with a large window in the living room and greenery outside the window.
The owner is a post-95 boy who works in advertising and creative, with his own complete and clear aesthetics needs. As his first house, he wants this space to be a residence of the heart to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.
Our design revolved around the owner's needs, incorporating his three main themes of "Zen Wabi-sabi", "Modern Japanese" and "Classical Chinese", which is obviously a big challenge for such a small space.
In terms of space layout, we opened the original non-load-bearing partition wall, changed the kitchen to open, divided the public area by a central axis, the west side is the public area, the east side is raised as a whole and set as a private area, and the south side balcony is raised to link the private area and form an entry end view. The materials used in the whole house are micro-cement and custom-made artistic copper plates. The design details are fully explored, such as elevated TV, electric elevated table, custom wine rack, etc., which can be seen everywhere, and at the same time have powerful storage functions, finally creating a practical and happy small room full of oriental aesthetics.

Tong Zhang

Founded in 2019, our studio is located in a century-old house under sycamore trees in Shanghai, hence named Tonghua Space, which means painting your exclusive space with us.
Founder Tong Zhang, with 10 years of design experience and international vision, leads a team always committed to providing personalized full-project design and implementation services for private homes and commercial spaces, each case strives to achieve the level of works, so far has more than 100 sets of project experience, and has won more than 30 domestic and international design awards.
Representative Awards.
2022 IAI Global Design Award Residential Space Gold Award
2021 The 10th Nesting Award Professional Gold Award
2021 DNA Design WINNER Award, Paris, France
2021 Silver Award of MUSE Design Awards, USA
2021 Taiwan TINTA Golden Residence Award Winner
2021 China Youth Design 12 Works
2021 Golden Residence Award Top 10 Living Space Designers
2021 IDA Honorable Mention Award, USA
2021 Best Residential Space Design Award for New Life of Old House
2021 Cotton Tree Award Outstanding Modern Space Design
2021 Baidu Xinju Award National Top 50
2020 The Best Large House Design of the Year Award
2020 East China Design Top 150 Award
2020 I'm going to Milan National Outstanding Designer TOP10
2020 PChouse Award Private House Design BEST00
2020 Top 100 Designers of the Year 2020
2020 Yidou Sugar 2020 Warmest Designer Award
2019 M+ China High-end Interior Design
Competition China TOP100
2019 M+ China High-end Interior Design Competition Best Style Design Award
2018 40UNDER40 China Design Outstanding Youth
2018 Builder Award Ideal Kitchen Gold Award

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