IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Model Room C20-5A in Chengdu Lulake Eco City

by TCD² Design

Projet Description

"Memphis style" is a spirit of rebellion against things that are accustomed to, surging with the desire for a new life, and has gradually become one of the languages of modern people to interpret life, and even icon symbols.
The guest restaurant is still dominated by classic and clear blue and gold tones, emphasizing the calm, refined and elegant temperament, and the fusion of the two colors brings an unexpected sense of brightness.
The blue modern sofa in the guest dining room is the first to come into view. The metal and acrylic lover chair is matched with a round coffee table made of transparent glass. The blue irregularly patterned carpet cleverly divides the space, while defining the space, adding fun.
In the master bedroom, geometric elements and irregular geometric pattern carpets are added, which ingeniously neutralizes the coldness factor in the calm space. The blue sculptures and decorative paintings echo the overall tone of the space. Memphis-style furniture and Pop-style carpets seem to reawaken the originally quiet space, like a relaxed ridicule of life.
The second bedroom uses a low-key and restrained dark yellow as the main color. The soft light source lights up a quiet room. The warm color and warm light source bring a comfortable texture. It is a resting space specially created for the elderly who pay attention to comfort.
The audio-visual room uses green as the main color, and the use of green expresses the unique personality of the space, which is playful, comfortable and natural. The huge green decorative paintings on the walls, the random vinyl records placed on the bookshelves, and the old-fashioned record players playing comfortable music on the coffee table all reflect fashion, individuality and comfort in this space.
The children's room is also inspired by the bright color elements in the "Memphis" style. The overall color tone is pink, pink and green with a small amount of dark red. From the selection of furniture to the selection of fabrics, they all continue the curve elements and character colors in the "Memphis" style.

TCD² Design

TCD² Design 是当代新锐设计代表之一。

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