IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

A4 model room project of Chongqing Wanhua Lu Yuejiang City

by TCD² Design

Projet Description

In the mountain city of Chongqing, the Luyuejiang City project is located at Luhu. The complexity of the city fades here, and the residence returns to its most essential state. Under the curtain of clouds and mountains, the window opens to the scene, and the forest shadows rustle, so that the mood can be fully stretched, and a new definition of life and self is born.
The living room is an open area in the home, and the soft sofa is most often a place for family rest and chat. The off-white L-shaped sofa occupies the main position. The combined relationship between the round coffee table and the sofa, which is matched with it, integrates comfort and aesthetics, laying a simple and comfortable tone for the overall space. The carpet is an important visual element of the living room. The few brushstrokes are like swift ink strokes, which are extremely harmonious with the space temperament.
A family, three meals, the sense of ritual dining is especially precious. Rectangular wooden tables are in perfect harmony with modern dining styles. Acrylic lighting plays a role in enhancing the exquisite dining atmosphere, and the food is more delicious under the background. The design that combines simplicity and modern ingenuity creates an evocative memory of three meals.
The interior colors are mainly dominated by black and white, symbolizing contemplation and restraint, which fits modern people's preference for classic aesthetics.
In the space, the elements of checkered wood decorations frequently appear, extending from the wall to the ceiling. The ground, wall and ceiling form a very close color association, presenting an overall coordinated composition texture.
The wood material conveys a natural and unpretentious feeling like its texture, as if you are in the shade of the trees and feel the flow of natural breath. Water and stone elements are flexibly used in the space, and home decoration components such as round water ripple wall hangings can be traced.
The intimate, comfortable and quiet space is a "natural environment" created by the designer for the residents, and it nourishes the bud of inner energy. The relationship between people also needs to be taken care of. This is in response to the value proposition conveyed by the Luyuejiang City project and the construction of a well-ordered community relationship.

TCD² Design

TCD² Design 是当代新锐设计代表之一。

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