IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Minimalist Penthouse


Project Description

Penthouse Duplex is a minimal space designed by Shanghai-based studio Nothing Design. The program planning gives more open alternatives for the interior in accordance with users’ spatial preferences and living habits rather than precisely defining the functional framework of the public area. The main idea is minimalist openness, and by focusing on plasticity and function, interior design is propelled into the realm of architectural sculpture. The design breaks down the boundaries between the modules to expose the open internal structure. At the same time a matrix sequence of variations in the walls reveals the functional properties represented by the different axes.


The studio was founded in 2019 by interior designer Liu Chang, with high-quality full-project design as the main development direction, the project involves residential design, commercial space design, architectural design, furniture design, so far the studio has accumulated hundreds of sets of residential design and thousands of real-world case photos.
NOTHING DESIGN's design philosophy is to create a minimalist and pure design without any redundancy, with a preference for simple and non-redundant designs, based on which a high aesthetic artistry is presented, while hoping to present a work that is both artistic and lasting. The work is often featured in top home furnishing magazines and foreign websites, and the team is committed to making each set of work bring a sense of leadership to the times.

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