IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Florasis Xihu Yinyuan Flagship Store

by Hangzhou Yige Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Project Description

Xihuyinyuan(西湖隐园) is the first offline flagship store of Florasis globally and also an art-gallery-style beauty retail space. Its biggest feature is the integration of Chinese garden landscape art techniques and traditional Chinese culture into modern beauty space, making it a fashionable and artistic beauty gallery hidden by West Lake. "Yin" refers to the beauty of being hidden in nature by humans, with vague walls, elegant windows, gorgeous flowers, and shimmering light on the rippling waves, hence the name "Yinyuan". From the inner courtyard and outer courtyard of traditional gardens to the upper courtyard and lower courtyard of modern spaces, the Xihuyinyuan covers a total area of 1000 square meters and is the first beauty store designed using Chinese garden landscape techniques. The garden features 13 hidden scenes that are unique and picturesque, with each landscape design blending the past and present and having a solid foundation.

Hangzhou Yige Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Founded in 2017 by the West Lake, China, Florasis(Hangzhou Yige Cosmetics Co., Ltd) is an innovative makeup brand that takes inspiration from China's culture and heritage, giving it a modern interpretation for today’s consumer.
Florasis wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the beauty space, increasing its diversity and inclusivity to consumers. As a result, Florasis created a brand that represents our history and culture, and uses makeup to celebrate and share the story and memories of ourselves.
Having studied landscape design in school, Florasis’ founder wanted to create a brand that embraces the balance of art, nature and science. This is done by incorporating the flower essences and herbal extracts of our traditional recipes and infusing them in modern formulations using the latest R&D technologies. The result is a line of cosmetics that have the benefits and healing properties of nature encapsulated in a beautiful and skin nourishing product
Traditional Chinese colors of dark cyan and pink. Inspired by classic Chinese poetry. Already a top selling beauty brand in China, Florasis is the first major C-Beauty brand to make a push into global markets.

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