IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Maze of Time

by Zongjian Lin

Project Description

We planned and designed an art book exhibition with the theme of "Unbelievable" for Tailong Bank. Starting from the concepts of time, exploration, and exit, through the deft weaving of corrugated cardboard and the thickness of the layers, it expresses the lightness and weight of life.
itself, thereby providing a perspective to find the entrance and exit of life. "Maze of Time" is a curatorial concept that allows the space to change over time. There is a large circle on the outside and seven small circles on the inside, showing the shape of time. The corrugations on the outside are meant to design the shape of light, and the pieces of cardboard are made of tenons. The structures are interconnected, and the internal 1/4 arc booth is a dynamic module. When the exhibition content changes, the space can also change accordingly

Zongjian Lin

Zongjian Lin, graphic designer. In 2020, the LIN DESIGN brand design studio was established. We believe that design is a communication method from perception to cognition. By shaping new cognition and value, building emotions and experiences, we can achieve brand building.

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