IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Maple and Stone

by Shanghai muka Architectural Design Co.,

Projet Description

The light language of the maple, the peacefulness of the stone, the peacefulness of peace, the fragrance of the line. The lightness of maple represents love and life, and the weight of stone represents beauty and culture. The best combination of life and culture is art. The main space uses a whole surface of stone to create an artistic sequence, presenting the background for the owner's subsequent placement of musical instruments and pianos. At the end, it represents the goddess Venus, the goddess of ancient Roman artistic achievements, and implies the important status of love and beauty in life. Half sunshine, half freedom, half life, noisy house, half order, precipitation, half poetry, tranquility. We hope that the financial owners will return to their homes and their spirits will be awakened again. We work hard to let the elites in this city get rid of the annoyance and find inner refinement and comfort.

Shanghai muka Architectural Design Co.,

Founded in February 2017, Muka Architects is made up of the architect Zhang Yingqi and insisted on bringing the concepts of architecture and gardening into the interior space design, advocating the concept of "warm minimalism" and "the combination of east and west human settlements".
Nature & Simplicity| Create perception & Poetic
Construction & Precision| Focus on Logic & Restraint

The business scope of the studio covers the improvement of interior design and living environment of homes, hotels, and homestays; art and commercial space design and brand image upgrade; small building facade renovation and indoor and outdoor integrated design; design consulting services, etc. The design of Muka Architects has won many international design awards and media releases.

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